The DSEB Fund for Financial Support to Students in Denmark and Abroad help students attending Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Niels Brock, or Cphbusiness to study in Denmark or abroad.

Eligible applicants

Students at Niels Brock, CBS, or Cphbusiness.

Graduates are not eligible to apply.

Grant amounts

Not specified.

How to apply

To apply for the grant, you need to download the application form, print it out, and submit the form along with relevant attachments to the address specified on the form.

Students attending CBS should follow the instructions on

Students attending Niels Brock should submit the application electronically in a single PDF file to Niels Brock’s Directorate Secretariat: [email protected].

Students attending Cphbusiness: receiving the grant is contingent on students writing an article or making a video about their stay used to promote both international stays and the grant to other students. A detailed plan for the article/video must be agreed upon with the International Department at Cphbusiness. The application, including a budget and relevant attachments, should be submitted to [email protected].



1. june


In case of any questions, please contact the institution the grant belongs to.