University of Copenhagen researcher in administrative law, known, among other things, from the Mink Case and the Godhavn Cases, receives the Tietgen Award

31-year-old Rasmus Grønved Nielsen, associate professor at the University of Copenhagen, is this year’s winner of The Tietgen Award worth DKK 500,000. His research has contributed to clarifying how human rights affect the norms for public-authority liability.

In regards of the selection of Rasmus Grønved Nielsen, chairman of the jury Jacob Roland Munch said:

His research is relevant for society, and despite having gained his PhD at a very young age, he is a much-used researcher, whose work is cited in the practice notes of several Supreme Court rulings, in the Ombudsman’s practice, and in commission investigations.

The Tietgen Award is given annually to a young research talent whose research benefits Danish society and the business community.

Rasmus Grønved Nielsen’s research has, for example, made a contribution to the question of compensation and legal issues in connection with the Godhavn Case, the Mink Case, and the case of Danish forces being potentially involved in torture in the Iraq War. Most recently, the 31-year-old researcher has also been a leading expert source in the media’s coverage of the so-called cancer scandal at AUH (Aarhus University Hospital) and the issue of public property valuations.

The jury emphasized that Rasmus Grønved Nielsen has managed to convey his research to a broader audience outside the research field by appearing in the news and writing a series of op-eds:

‘His research gives a voice to the social aspects of law,’ said Jacob Roland Munch.

In regards of receiving the Tietgen Award 2023, Rasmus Grønved Nielsen said,

‘I am very honoured and happy to have won the Tietgen Award because I am concerned that my research should have social value. I will use the money that I have won to expand my Scandinavian research network. I will also use it to finance a large conference, I am hosting next year in celebration of the centenary of a groundbreaking dissertation that helped establish Danish and Scandinavian administrative law.’

The Tietgen Award 2023 was awarded on Wednesday 29 November at the annual dinner of the International Chamber of Commerce ICC Denmark and the DSEB at the Old Stock Exchange in Copenhagen, where both Christina Egelund, Minister of Higher Education and Science, and Søren Gade, Speaker the Danish Parliament, were guest speakers.

About the Tietgen Award

The Tietgen Award has been awarded since 1929, established to mark the centenary of the birth of C.F. Tietgen.

The award is one of the most prestigious in Denmark, awarded to young researchers in Northern Europe in recognition of research talents in business-oriented social sciences and humanities benefitting the Danish business community and society.

The Tietgen Award is awarded by an independent jury, comprising:

  • Professor Jakob Roland Munch from the University of Copenhagen (chairman of the jury)
  • Professor Dorte Brogård Kristensen from the University of Southern Denmark
  • Professor Jes Broeng from the Technical University of Denmark
  • Professor Simon Calmar from Aarhus University
  • Professor Signe Vikkelsø from Copenhagen Business School
  • Professor MSO Kristina Siig from the University of Southern Denmark
  • CEO Ib Enevoldsen from Rambøll.