DTU Skylab and Lars Elbæk receive the Innovation Award of DKK 100,000

The DSEB’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award for 2022 is shared between DTU Skylab and Lars Elbæk, associate professor at the Department of Sports Science and Biomechanics at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU).

‘I believe one of the most important things we can contribute in Skylab is to create an innovation culture,’ said Mikkel Sørensen, director of DTU Skylab. ‘You are not afraid of taking a risk, you are not afraid of trying out your ideas, you are not afraid of thinking big. We noticed, shortly after we started, a massive growth in the number of student startups.’

The jury said, ‘They (Skylab, ed.) are a good example of how a university can set up an environment and create entrepreneurship. They have delivered impressive results over a long time, and it is obviously a clear leadership priority.’

The other recipient, Lars Elbæk, has been the driving force behind the Sports, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship programme in the bachelor’s programme in Sports and Health at SDU.

The jury calls it a form of ‘innovative education’ and said about Lars Elbæk that ‘he succeeds in getting students through the programme with good results. Lars is a passionate individual, and the award is given in recognition of this, and we hope it can inspire others to do the same.’

According to Lars Elbæk, the programme must be adapted to future needs,

‘The students learn a lot about design and innovation. How do you identify an opportunity? How do you identify a need? And how do you turn it into a business? Adults, children, the elderly – they change behaviour because we have new technologies, such as smartphones, that change our everyday lives. Meaning that mobility will also change.’

The DSEB Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award of DKK 100,000 is awarded annually to an individual or institution that has made a significant effort to strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship within higher education, upper secondary education, or vocational training in Denmark. The jury comprises Torben Möger Pedersen, CEO of PensionDanmark and chair of the DSEB board, Lisbet Thyge Frandsen, board professional, and Christian Vintergaard, CEO, Fonden for Entreprenørskab.


The Danish Society for Education and Business, also known as the DSEB, focuses on strengthening value creation in Danish companies and society by supporting the development of business-oriented educational and research competences.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award was established in 2012, and it comes with an award of DKK 100,000.