DSEB Awards go to dedicated employees at Niels Brock

The 2023 DSEB Awards go to several Niels Brock employees who, in various ways, have made an extraordinary effort.

The Departmental Award of DKK 250,000 went to the Department of Marketing and Business Economics at Handelsgymnasiet JTP at Niels Brock (commercial upper secondary programme), Nørre Voldgade for their dedicated work on the sustainability agenda. It was received by Lars Schmidt.

In collaboration with Tivoli Gardens, they have initiated a sustainability game that set challenges for teachers and students throughout the Gardens.

The Administration Award of DKK 50,000 went to Pernille Sørensen and Paul Llewelyn Davies for their administration and innovation in digitization and automation.

The awards were presented by director of Niels Brock, Anya Eskildsen, and Jacob K. Clasen from the DSEB board.

The awards ceremony at Niels Brock comprised a total of four awards. This time, two awards were presented to employees, and the next award ceremony will take place in January 2024 and focus on students.


The history of DSEB and Niels Brock dates back to 1881 when FUHU established the Købmandsskolen (School of Commerce), which merged with Niels Brock in 1908.

The DSEB works to enhance the research and education standards in Denmark in a global, business-oriented context.

The Departmental Award is given to a department that significantly develops both the subject and their classes.

The Administrative Award is given to one or more individuals in the joint administration.

These awards are exclusively presented at Niels Brock.